Starting Something That Matters

Hey hi hello,

So, today, as I was looking back on the last post that  I wrote about starting something that matters, I began to think. Recently using blogging as a way to reach out and help people has been a emphasized thing in my life. I think that this might be something that I can do, that matters. I want to use my blog to write about things that are beneficial to other people. Recently this blog has been more of a diary that is open to everyone than a blog. So, I really want to try to make this blog into something that matters. I want this blog to help someone. I don’t want this to just be something that I use to rant, which is what I have been doing. Starting something that matters, that sounds like a great new year’s resolution, or a middle of march resolution rather. (: I want to use this blog to spread what God has done in my life, in a way that is helpful to all. I want to be one of few intellectually honest Christians. Let’s start something that matters. What is something you would like to start? I would love feedback!



One thought on “Starting Something That Matters

  1. Taylor Bump says:

    Maybe you can raise awareness about projects going on in and around town, websites and products that are making the world better, and things like that. You have a voice 🙂

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