Identity: What’s Your’s?

Hi hey hello,

What is your identity? Are you a jock, a cheerleader, a nerd? Are you a jerk, a nice guy, the quiet girl? Are you studious or lazy? Are you based off of what you have, or don’t have? What defines you, to others? What about to yourself? What do you think you are? All of these are questions that everyone deals with on a regular basis. Identity is something that goes through all ages, races, and social classes. Everyone wants to know who they are. I am currently reading a book called Captivating, it is basically the girl version of Wild at Heart. What I am reading about now is about finding your identity in the one who made you. It talks about basing who you are by how God made you, not by what society says you are. It only makes sense to figure out who you are by your creator. A pot does not go to a automotive mechanic to find out what it is, the potter tells it what it is. Why would it go somewhere else? So many people today struggle with problems about their identity because they have looked everywhere but to their creator to find out who they are. God is constantly trying to tell us who we are, we just don’t want to listen. This concept seems very logical and simple, but our dumb selves do not like to go with the logical flow of things. We go look to relationships, drugs, alcohol, sex to find ourselves. We look to everything else, but the one thing that can truly tell us what we are, how he loves us. He always has and he always will. If we would begin to look to heaven to find our identity, maybe things like depression, drugs, ruined relationships, all those things that are painful and hard would slow down. Think of all the things we could prevent. Just some food for thought.



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