With a Hint of Slavery

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It melts in your mouth. Sweet to the taste buds. Is used in many types of food. It is savory and comes in many varieties. Many of the top named brands of it use slavery to get it. Do you know what it is? No? Well, I will be nice and not make you wait any longer, it is chocolate. Many of the big companies, Nestle, Hershey, and Mars all use cocoa that comes from places where trafficked persons are used to get it. Nestle has one item that is confirmed free of traficking, the Four-Finger KitKat, the other 98.9% of their items may use slavery to get the cocoa. Being an avid chocolate lover myself, I find this to be awful, especially thinking that whenever I eat a chocolate bar, or anything with chocolate in it for that matter, it may have been received due to slavery. A friend of mine did a report/speech on this topic and it really opened my eyes to this horrible matter. Many of the plantations not only use slavery, but child slavery at that. These men and women are not paid, they are treated horribly, and they get nothing out of it. I have such a hard time with the thought that I cannot eat chocolate anymore, because that would be supporting slavery. There are some different options out there though. Organic chocolate is a very good option because it has to go through a different check-list and due to this must remain slavery-free. There are other brands that are guaranteed fairtrade (which just means they are slave-free). One store that sells many different types of chocolate that is fairtrade is Ten Thousand Villages. There are some brands that are readily available though, such as Divine. They have a number of different types, from milk to dark. There is an organization called Stop the Traffick that is doing a lot towards this horrible thing. They give a lot of information all about what these companies are doing and what you, as the consumer, can do. This is definitely something that matters, a considerable amount, because it not only affects the men and women on the Ivory Coast, but also me and you.




One thought on “With a Hint of Slavery

  1. Taylor Bump says:

    Great post! Just to clarify, the Nestle Kit Kat is only fair trade in the UK. If you pick up a kit kat in the US, you won’t find the fair trade certified logo on it. Sorry to disappoint 😦

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