Adoption = Happiness.

So, you remember a while back, when I wrote about the kids we were hosting from the Ukraine? Well, we are adopting one of them. There is another family who hosted them a few years ago that is adopting the other two of them. My family is super stoked. Our connection in the Ukraine said that we could have him hear between July and August! I am going to have a new brother in a matter of like 4 and a half months. My parents have to go over there for three weeks when they get the call that the paper work has gone through. Then they come home for a few weeks. After these few weeks have passed, one of them goes back for a week and then comes home with Vlad! Things are in a frenzy at the moment. We are frantically saving up money, not really buying anything but the necessities. Adopting is such an amazing process. Over a few months to a few years time, with the help of some paper work and studies, you could have a new child living with you. It is kind of cool. Have any of you adopted? Domestic or international. Are any of you adopted?


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