More Adoption Love.

Hi hey hello, 

So, more about the adoption. I am a total fail blogger, and this happened like a while ago, but it is still awesome. So, while I was on a mission trip (more on that later), I got to call my mom. She was talking to me about a tree that had fallen on my house, specifically on my room. This tree was massive, so it was a miracle that it did not go through the roof. So, during our conversation, I came to learn that we had our general contractor go up into the attic to examine the damage. He came down and told my mom that the tree fell on a beam that was about 2 times the size of what every other beam in the roof was. There was no reason for that beam to be there, but it was. The amazing part is that my house was built when I was just 1 year old. Even better was when she told me that our insurance agent came out to come check out the damage. She told them that we would be getting a large sum of money for the damages and we can use that money however we want. And can you guess what we want to use it for? The adoption of course! So we have a large amount of money to go towards the adoption. Along with every other fundraiser we are doing to go towards the adoption, we are getting close to the total sum necessary! God is so great. Someone said to my mom after this whole ordeal that God’s hand was definitely on this because my mom would not have chosen to have a tree fall on her daughter’s room in order to get the money necessary. What a crazy way to get money!



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