Mission Trip 2011

Hi hey hello,

This year, as a junior, I went on my first mission trip with my school. We went to Albany, New York for a week to serve the city and to share the gospel. So, first of all, we flew there and this was the first time I had ever flown anywhere without my parents, so this was a little thrilling. So, as we arrive there, we begin to go to our places of housing and get everything all situated. As the days progress, we begin to do street ministry. Street ministry is simply put, going out in the streets of the city and going up to people and telling them about the love of Jesus and praying for them. This can also include prayer walking which is just walking and praying for the area in which you walk. For the most part, we just did the walking and talking to people. Well, let’s start this off by saying that I am shy. Like if you look up the word shy in the dictionary, my face is probably there. So, of course the whole idea of this endeavor seems horrifying. For most of the week I just hung in the background. On the last day however, my group was paired with a man name Billy. God used this man to radically change my life. Billy was not someone to let a person just stand in the background and listen, he was proactive. He was overjoyed to hear that I was a poor shy soul. He told me that I was going to do it, I was going to share my faith with someone. He prayed over me and then, with his arm around my shoulder, walked me over to my first experience. I spoke with the woman, her name was  Mary and her sister was sick, so we prayed for her sister and she went on her way. This continued on for the rest of the day. From that point on, my whole group would just walk up to anyone and everyone and talk to them. I have never been one to step out for what I believe, but Billy really helped me to push myself. It was a life-changing experience and one I will never forget. Is there someone who you can think of that really has changed your life in some way? I would love to read about it!



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