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My school’s graduation was last week, but the real impact of it has not really sunk in yet. It hasn’t hit me that some of my best friends, who have been like big brothers and sisters to me all these years, they won’t be with us next year. Not that my class won’t step up to fill the spot, but those are some HUGE shoes to fill. That class has really brought something special to our school. Dylan’s hugs everyday, Erin’s words of encouragement, Austin’s wisdom, just to name a few. No one could ever replace such influential people in my life. So many of these young men and women have spoken directly into my life. These guys were also unbelievably talented. There were three Best and Brightest in a class of eleven, just an example. They made up a huge portion of our arts program and our soccer program. The lose of eleven incredibly talented people will definitely be felt in years to come.
Graduation is always a sort of surreal experience for anyone who is close the class. It is so very exciting because, they made it, they are moving on. It is also terribly sad because of just that reason, they are moving on. Of course, some will still be around, but some won’t. They won’t be walking our halls anymore, we won’t have Kelsey barging into homeroom everyday. Kate and I won’t go talk to Joshua, Josh, and Austin before Math. Their presence will be so incredibly missed.
The seniors have played such a big leadership role at our school as well. They have led just about everything that goes on. That is a role that, as rising seniors, we must fill. This is a very daunting task, though my class is talented, we are much less so than them. We will do it differently of course, we may even do it better, who knows. We learn from their mistakes and grow. So, in reality, we aren’t filling their shoes, but fashioning our own. Our own mismatched, crazy colored, mishapen, perfect shoes, that are uniquely us.



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