Hi hey hello,

One week from yesterday, we will be going to get Vlad to host him again!! Then, about a month, he will go back and, if all goes as planned, my parents will be going over there to settle all the adoption stuff. Then, they come back and a few weeks after, they go to get him! AHHH! I might have a new brother before school starts or maybe slightly after. Jeez, that would be awesome. I can’t wait until he gets here so that I can tell you guys all about him and so that I can hang out with him, as my future brother. I also cannot wait until we get the chance to spend time with him at our youth group, he is gonna love my youth pastor and all of the kiddos. He is gonna flip when he sees how much the baby has grown. Speaking of that, Maddy is almost 2!!! Jeez. Time flies. I am gonna have a two year old sister and a new 13 year old brother in a matter of months. Wow. God is really awesome. Do you guys like hearing all about Vlad and this or is it super repetitive and boring? I would love feedback.



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