Hi hey hello,

So, as I sort of hinted at in the last post, Vlad is here! He is back for hosting again, and it is absolutely amazing. He will be here for a total of 5 weeks, and that is five weeks that 1. we get to spend with our soon-to-be brother/son 2. that he isn’t in the orphanage for 5 weeks, which is stinkin’ awesome. He has definitely just stepped right back into life with our family. There has not been that awkward few days as there was last time, I guess because of the circumstances. He is a perfect fit for our family really. He is just as chill and go with the flow as the rest of my family. His amazing English skills have also really developed since he got here. He speaks so fluently, it is amazing.

The fact that he still speaks it so well, even though he 1. only had 45 lessons 2. didn’t have a place to practice for 5 months, is just insane. I have taken almost 5 years of Spanish and still would not consider myself as fluent as he is. First, the fact that he has only had 45 lessons, over a few weeks before he came to America for the first time. He speaks English, at least the basics, he knows all the grammar, it is just a few odd American words, such as bunk bed or zombies, that he doesn’t understand, but he catches on quickly to what you say. As I said before, I have been taking Spanish everyday, at leat during the school year, for the past 4 years, and am about to embark upon Spanish 5 and AP Spanish, and I still wouldn’t consider myself fluent. This kid is crazy. Second, he hasn’t had a practicing outlet in months, yet he still speaks it with incredible skill. He has kept it up for such a long time without a teacher or anything helping him and pushing him. This kid is crazy.

Vlad is such a cool kid, he is funny and creative. He brought all of us some kind of artistic thing, some of which he made himself. His personality is awesome and just being around him makes you want to be his friend. He is very shy though, when someone he doesn’t know talks to him, he gets really quiet and averts his eyes. He is so funny.

Here are a few of the pictures of the adventures we have had since he got here:

Yes, we spent most of the time enjoying the pool on that hot, hot Florida day.



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