She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.

Hi hey hello,

Terribly sorry about not doing the free writing yesterday. I kept thinking about doing it, I even wrote it down numerous times, but I was busy and it continually slipped my mind. It will come back next week however. I really do want to make it a weekly thing, at least for a few more weeks.

Anyway, onto more fun things. Vlad is still here, obviously, and he is doing spectacularly. We had dinner tonight with the chaperone, I guess that is what you would call him, and his friend. It was fun and informative, he told my parents all about what they would be doing when they go over to do all the court stuff.

Earlier today however, two things happened that absolutely made this day amazing. First, I was going to the gas station to buy some Advil, as we did not have any at the house, and while I was there, I am about 90% sure that I saw a guy, a cute guy by the way, buying a Jones soda!! Jones sodas are pretty much the most amazing drink…ever. I haven’t had anything better than them. I did not have a chance to validate the existence of these wonderful sodas in Tallahassee however, because I was in a hurry. But the idea of it is pretty amazing. Second, my mom sent me on a milkshake run, as she does every few weeks. I took orders and then drove over to the Steak and Shake across the street. From 2-4, is happy hour. This means that you get milkshakes for 1/2 off. I bought 6 milkshakes for $10. Are you aware of the infinite awesomeness of this? Well you should be. Jeez. Great day.

You know what makes this day even better, my family and I are leaving to go to the lake tomorrow, and we are staying until Monday. And we are taking the boat. I will be taking some super awesome pictures and they will be amazing. What is not amazing however, is that I cannot guarantee that I will be posting this weekend because of this. I am going to try to pump some posts out tonight so they are there, but I don’t know. (: If I don’t see you all until then, Happy 4th and be safe!


PS. The title is from a song title of a song by the Beatles, who just happen to be like one of my top 3 favorite bands.


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