Vacation Bible School. Score!

Hi hey hello,

VBS, or Vacation Bible School is coming up in a few weeks, and all I can say is that I am beyond excited. Maybe it is because this week always tends to be one of the best of my summer, maybe it’s how awesome the kids I have met (and kept up with) are, maybe it’s my co-leader being one of my great friends, who happens to be kinda cute, maybe it’s all of that.

VBS is so much fun for both the kids and for myself. I get to spend a week out of my summer teaching kids about Christ. Kids are so much easier to teach because they are innocent and haven’t had time to become biased and have seriously thought through opinions. I love getting to help with these kids because, I inevitably get at least one really awesome kid in my group. Kids + Me + Jesus = Best week ever!

What brought this along was that we had our training meeting last weekend and we were given our instruction packets and told to be very familiar with it. So I have done just that, I have read through it and I am so excited! The theme is Nazareth…When Jesus was a kid. Most of the time VBS is about someone else, like Moses or Joseph, like it was last year, we always get to Jesus, but it is never specifically about Him, but this year it is! Score! I am excited.

I also love to pray for these kids, to see God change them and open kids up throughout the week. Kids who Monday morning, wouldn’t say a word and were scared to even mention the name of Jesus, now telling every shopkeeper they see about what Jesus has done for them. It is so encouraging, their simple faith. It reminds me to bring it back to the basics. I complicate it, but it isn’t complicated, our faith is not complicated at all, it is quite simple. Jesus loves me, so I love people.

Do any of you participate in VBS? What are your opinions on VBS? I love feedback!



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