Yes, we’re going to a party party!

Hi hey hello,

So, today, July 10, 2011, Maddy turns two. Two years old. Time sure does fly. Let’s see, so this time last year, she was just learning to walk. She could walk a little bit, but only for a short time, because it tired her out a lot. She couldn’t really talk a whole lot, maybe a “Mama” or a “Baba” but nothing serious. Now, we cannot get her to sit still, she is walking EVERYWHERE, actually running and she is even starting to swim. We cannot get her to be quiet, not even at graduation, when she desperately needs to be quiet. She is also the iPhone master. She can work YouTube, play games, send texts, and so much more.

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Maddy has grown quiet a bit. She has acquired some interesting habits as of late. Such as, grabbing my purse and declaring to the world, ” I gotta go to the store!” She has decided that she is terrified of these birds that she keeps dreaming about, even though the brother and I conquer these birds every night. I cannot believe that she has gotten so much older. Even now, she is asking “Chips peas! Peeeeeeas! Tank you.” And now, I am off to a birthday party for this one!



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