We Are His Portion and He Is Our Prize.

Hi hey hello,

So, last night, a bunch of the youth groups that attend a camp called CRosSWILD, met up together for an evening of worship, called Ignite. The motto I guess you could call it of CRosSWILD. The evening was filled with passion for God. Passion for what He has done for us. Resounding passion for God. Sheer love for our Savior. It is was inspiring to see so many young adults, ranging from 6th grade all the way up to some of the leaders in college singing out their love for the God of the universe without a care for who was around.

As always, my youth pastor left us with a challenge, he said to completely give yourself to God. To utterly surrender your life. One of the songs that we sang was, How He Loves Us. The lyrics in this song go, He is jealous for me, loves like a hurricane, I am a tree. That struck me. The God of the UNIVERSE, is jealous for me, jealous FOR ME. He wants my heart, He wants my whole being. Not only is He jealous for me, but He loves with with an unending kind of love that I cannot even begin to comprehend. That is just amazing.

The God of everything wants my heart, and we won’t even give it to Him all the time. I invite you all to accept this challenge along with me. Sell yourself out to God and see where He takes you. Give Him your all and see what He will do.



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