Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll High School

Hi hey hello,

I once again have dropped the ball on the whole blogging thing. I am deeply sorry to my few avid readers. I do have something very inspirational for my high school readers though. Recently, the topic of many youth pastors has been, appropriately, school. This time of year school is the subject of many a blog, article, speech, talk, sermon, I will be yet another one, but I hope this one will impact you.

The title of the sermons I have heard has been the idea that school is a mission field. More specifically, one of the best mission fields you will ever have. In adult, working life, do you really have 7 different periods a day in which you have about 20 different people in them, as is the case in high school. There are about 140 different people in which you can potential witness to, or at least speak into their lives. That is 140 people for 9 months out of the year. That is a long stinking time in which to do it.

So, as a challenge to all those people who are in high school, step it up. Listen to what God is calling each and every believer to do, share the gospel, the GOOD NEWS, with one person in your class. Pray for those students. Pray for your teachers. It is said that what is taught in the classroom is what will be tomorrow’s beliefs. What if your teachers accepted Christ? Think of the revival that could come as a result of you being a light in your class.



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