Well she wants to be the queen…

Hi hey hello,


Okay. I utter stink. I am going to get back into posting everyday (or more likely 6 days a week, or something like that). It has been like a solid month and a half since my last post. It took a wake up text… (is that a legit phrase?) from my good friend Taylor to remind that I have this little blog over here, and that I need to update it.

So, update on my life in the past few months. I have two new adopted siblings, the boy we hosted over the summer and his sister are my new siblings, Vlad and Diana, pronounced Dee – ana. She won’t respond to anything else. My parents are back in the country, which is nice. No more Mama for me for at least a good five years, AT LEAST. I have begun the college application process. It is super surreal, like my serious life, in which I figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life, is approaching, in a very rapid manner may I add. I am playing on my school’s varsity soccer team. (Not huge news, but I am super pumped.)

In other news, FALL IS HERE! Tallahassee finally got hit with some amazing weather. I was cold today at practice. It made my day. Like it was 40 degrees this morning and didn’t hit 70 in the afternoon. It was so awesome.

So, now that I have updated you all on my life, what is new with you? Anything super fun? Anything not so fun? Anything weird, exciting, both?

Song title: Train, Meet Virginia 



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