My heart’s a stereo, it beats for you so listen close…

Hi hey hello,

Today has been the craziest, most energy draining day. Try trekking for 7 miles then 2 and a half hours of soccer practice. Yes, I am utterly dead. Enough complaining.

On our trek, a group saw a baby black bear, which is both awesome and terrifying at the same time. Awesome because it’s a baby black bear… duh. Terrifying because baby bear means mama bear. One group counted 99 alligators, in 3 hours, in 7 miles. The alligator count was absurd, my group however managed to only see one.

In other news, a friend from middle school sent all of our middle school class a message about having a reunion before we all go off to college. This is something I am not sure how I feel about. All of these people left our school and basically fell off the face of the planet. Not a word from any of them for about four years. Now they want to hang out. I mean, I guess that is cool. I think reunions are awkward, but I don’t know if this one would be. I am game for it, but I still have my reservations. Who knows, maybe it will be awesome and this post will be rendered dumb… or more likely the reunion will not happen at all and this post will again be rendered dumb.

Have any of you ever attended a reunion, high school, college, family? Was it awkward, super fun, a mixture of the two?

Title: Stereo Hearts feat. Adam Levine by Gym Class Heroes 



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