I’m a dead man walking here, that’s the least of all my fears…

Hi hey hello,

Yesterday, my family had another good family friend over for a cook out and bonfire. It was extremely fun, but alas I did not take any pictures because I fail as a blogger. Putting that aside, I will do my best to describe the evening.

Let’s start about 30 minutes before the other people arrived. My sister, Diana, was riding her bike up at the road. She comes down and Vlad tells me she fell off her bike and got hurt pretty bad. I look at her and see that her knee is not looking so hot. It is scraped up really bad, it is bleeding a lot, and there is a pretty gnarly looking bruise right beside it. She didn’t cry, up until it had to be cleaned, then the screaming began. This kept going for about 30 minutes.

The family got here and we hung out for a while, during which time my dad and the other dad were grilling the food. We talked for a time and then dinner was ready. Due to the fact that I had snacked on guacamole for the hour beforehand, I was not exactly famished, no one really was. So, we ate, then gathered around the fire pit. Where we talked and talked and talked some more. We ate pound cake, passed the baby around, oh and did I mention we talked. Story after story, with topics ranging from cars to school.

At around nine they went home, and we said our goodbyes. My family hunkered down and watched some television, then we all went on to bed.

I hope this has been slightly adequate post, due to that fact that I have no funny material or pictures from the evening. Here is a random picture that I hope will make up for my lack:

Source: flickr.com via Jo Anne on Pinterest

Anything fun or interesting happen this lovely Saturday?

Song Title: Barton Hollow – The Civil Wars 



2 thoughts on “I’m a dead man walking here, that’s the least of all my fears…

  1. Taylor Lynn Bump says:

    Poor Diana 😦 That saturday sounds like the perfect day though, I wish I could’ve crashed it! I went to this awful induction ceremony for a club I”m in, it was incredibly boring and lasted FOREVER. but bonfires are más más divertido.

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