Am I better of dead? Am I better off a quitter?

Hi hey hello,

I think it just hit me today that Halloween is in a few days, even though we bought the kids costumes like a week ago. I was sitting at my computer and realized that I had not chosen a costume at all, like not even thought about it. I think I have chosen what I was going to be, that will not be disclosed until the day of. I will tell you a few that I thought about, perhaps for those who were in the same boat as me? First, I thought about being Katniss Everdeen (ya know, from The Hunger Games), I decided that even though that would be super cool, it is a little too mainstream for me. Then I thought about being Poison Ivy, (ya know the cartoon). That I decided would take too much effort to get all the pieces together for my short timeframe.

I then tried to get my ideas more off the mainstream, and I came up with the Mad Hatter (yeah, you know.) That would have been super insanely awesome, but I had the same problem as before. Too much time/effort/money for such a short time. That is where I came to my last idea. I will say, no I am not being Alice, really me be that mainstream…? There will hopefully be plenty of pictures up of all the kids looking adorable in their little costumes. My mother is even dressing up, that is like astounding. Hasn’t happened in, I don’t even know how many years. I can’t remember the last time she did.

Title Lyrics: Nothing by The Script 

Do any of you know what you want to be? Any fun ideas? What are you doing for Halloween?



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