Shock…wave! Shock…wave! Shockwave!

Hi hey hello,

Last night was the first game of my varsity co-ed soccer team’s season. I would love to say we started the season off with a bang and we rocked that game, but alas, we lost. We did not just lose, we were creamed, mutilated, eaten alive. I believe the score was something like… 6-0, them. Yeah, that bad, but the score does not reflect totally how we played. We did not play too horribly, but alas, thanks to a rockstar team we played and sub-par refs, we lost. We did play the last quarter of the game without subs though. We only have 13 people on our official team, so when two of them completely and utterly cramp up to oblivion, we get kinda stuck. I played striker for the first time ever!

Shout out though, to our keeper! Paul, you rocked it! Not a single one of those goals was your fault. They played really well, don’t get down on yourself. You are a great goalie and you add so much to the team. Gotta love having a keeper who has no problem yelling at you when we are out of position.

Do you all play any sports? What about other activities, for those non-sports people?



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