Seems like everywhere I go, the more I see, the less I know. But I know, one thing, that I love you.

Hi hey hello,

Yesterday, I had another soccer game. We tied this time! 4-4, against our rivals. It was an amazing game. One of our goals was one of the most beautiful shots I have seen one of us make. He shot it from probably 30 or 40 yards out, it hit the underside of the crossbar, hit the ground and bounded back into the back of the net. The excitement which exploded from the team was astounding. You would have thought we had won some huge tournament or something. Shout out to JP for that shot!

On another note, I have discovered the song that I want to hear when I am upset. You know, that song that when you are mad and driving down the road, you wanna just roll your windows down and scream the lyrics. I do not know why this song has suddenly become this for me, but alas it has. The song is Misery Business by Paramore. I have not been in this exact situation that is described in the song before, but perhaps something similar, so maybe my brain relates that song with a hard time. I do not know, but it is interesting to watch this change over time. I think my last song was some song by Three Days Grace. Oh how music tastes change.

Title Lyrics: Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti and Spearhead  feat. Cherine Anderson

What song do you like to scream at the top of your lungs when you are upset? What about when you are happy?



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