Became as mad as rabbits, with bushels of bad habits….

Hi hey hello,

This weekend was the weekend of my school’s play. This year they did It’s A Wonderful Life. Words cannot describe how amazing they were. Every last actor did a fantastic job, but not only the actors, but the crew and tech people were awesome. All the crew guys and gals did an amazing job making every scene flow and gel, without too much interruption. The tech guys were awesome, everything was on cue. Overall a terrific job, and there is still one more performance.

I have been to both performances so far, and I will be attending today’s as well. If you have some today, at 11 am at Community Christian School they have their final performance. You will not be disappointed. For students, tickets are 5 dollars, for adults tickets are 10 dollars. Each and every member that put together this production has worked so hard and their hard work has really paid off. Each year this school puts on an amazing performance, topping the previous year and we always think nothing could possibly be better, and then somehow our incredible director tops that.

Really, guys, they are so awesome and have worked so hard. It is worth the money and time to go see it.

Title Lyrics: Mad as Rabbits – Panic! At The Disco 

What is your favorite play? Do you act? Sing? Dance?



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