Oh all the lights are shining So brightly everywhere And the sound of children’s Laughter fills the air

Hi hey hello,

First off, I cannot believe December is here. (cue wordy blogger December rant) Like seriously, it feels like just the other day it was 102 degrees outside and no one wanted to move it was so hot, and now we are freezing our pants off (it’s funny because freezing to us down South is like 40 with wind). The year is almost over, and that means my senior year is almost half way over! Dude. (end of rant)

Second, one HUGE benefit to living at home is that, I still get a ton of Christmas presents. My parents still have me babysit and they go out and by presents for all os us to open on Christmas morning. I love it, I am not sure how I will survive when I move out/grow up (Oh wait, that will NEVER happen). There are lots of other benefits sure, I mean the food, clothes, and bed are nice, but Christmas morning is not the same unless you are with your family opening heaps of presents, well not heaps, but you get the picture.

Title Lyrics: All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey (I am listening to Michael Buble’s version though) 

What is one thing that you miss from living at home? If you still live at home like me, what do you think you will miss? What are some benefits about moving out?



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