Sometimes love’s intoxicating…

Hi hey hello,

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. I have had quite a few things that got in the way of this here blog. The biggest thing was my laptop completely dying. It just like stopped working, hard drive problem, however, much to my excitement, a few days of sitting there, off, restored it to health. Then I had semester exams. I only had 3, but one was a take home exam. Take home exams = 50x the work of a regular exam. Another, my physics exam, I ROCKED! Like for real, never felt so good about an exam in my life. Maybe it was because my teacher is a great teacher, and he like taught it in a way we would understand. It was great.

My last exam, not so much. Calculus, I am pretty sure you will be the death of me. Long story short, about a month ago our teacher had her baby, and therefore is now on maternity leave. We were left with a sub who knew nothing about Calculus, expected us to know, and when we didn’t, she gave up and moved on. Yeah, so even with countless hours spent studying and even a group effort, almost our entire class (a whole 4 people, out of a class of 6) met at Starbucks to study. All our work was in vain, because most of us feel horrible about it. Calculus grade… in the trash.

Enough complaining…. enter crazy caps lock craziness. CHRISTMAS IS ONLY 5 DAYS AWAY!!!!! Dude, I cannot believe that it is so soon. That means that my trip to Jacksonville to visit my lovely friend Taylor is only  10 days away. So excited!

Title Lyrics: Nothing – The Script

What are you doing for Christmas? Going anywhere? Staying home?



One thought on “Sometimes love’s intoxicating…

  1. Taylor Lynn Bump says:

    gurrrrrrrrrrrl. words cannot express how excited I am. gah! this will be the best new year’s ever!

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