All is quiet on New Year’s Day. A world in white gets underway. I want to be with you, be with you night and day.

Hi hey hello,

So, I know I said that I wouldn’t be posting anything while I am visiting my lovely friend, Taylor, but I decided that I wanted to write it early. Okay, it was more like, I was reading other blogs, and kinda felt bad about leaving you guys hanging, so I decided that I wanted to post something, and I also had a pretty cool idea of what to post about, so here you have it!

What would you guys think if I started a fashion post, like a What I Wore kinda thing, once a week? Good idea? Horrible idea, why did you even suggest it? I haven’t totally decided if I want to do it, but I love fashion, reading blogs, choosing what I wear, all that jazz, so I figured, why not incorporate it in my blog?? So yeah, just an idea thrown out there, I really would love to hear your input!

Do you all have any traditions for New Year’s? My youth group does!! We write letters to ourselves the Wednesday after New Year’s. The letters can contain anything we want, essentially they detail our lives at the moment and encouragement for us in the future. They are so fun to receive and to see how much you have grown and changed, who is still a big part of your life and who isn’t, what has really impacted you and where you want to go with life. It is fun to get a little introspective with them, because no one else is going to see them, they are to you. In a hustle and bustle world where we hardly really get a good look at ourselves, it is nice to take some time and do it! Plus, who doesn’t love to receive a letter! I know I do, so much better than an email, like the single best way to win my affections is to send me a letter.

Title Lyrics: New Year’s Day – U2

What traditions do you have? What do you want to have?




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