I may not make it through the night, I won’t go home without you. The taste of your breath, I’ll never get over, the noises that she made kept me awake

Hi hey hello!

Happy new year! I still cannot believe it is 2012, 2011 seems like just yesterday.

Anyway, for New Year’s, Jenny and I were in Jacksonville with our beautiful friend, Taylor! The time was wonderful, we arrived Saturday afternoon where we had delicious food at Pollo Tropical. I got a chipotle chicken sandwich with corn. That was amazing! So good, if you get a chance to go to JAX, go to Pollo Tropical, get real tasting Cuban food, in a nice restaurant with good, quick service. Then, we went back to the house for a few moments, to get my camera, which I ended up not using much. Sad day!

We went to a military base, drove around for a while in it, with Taylor narrating all the way through. We went to the commissary, which is the military word for grocery store. Of course the military needs a whole separate word for such a common thing. Then we headed back to the house and made fudge! While the fudge set we went looking for Christmas trees. You know how most people put their Christmas trees out, well NO ONE in Taylor’s area does, well except for this one house in a sketchy trailer park, who had a HUGE tree. Heck yes! We went back, shot off some fireworks, sat by the fire, decorated gingerbread men, and ate fudge.

We got up yesterday morning and went to Baby D’s baptism, it was so cute. After they sprinkled the water on his head, D’avieon reached down and put some more water on his head. So cute. For lunch, we went to Outback with Taylor’s gift card. Yummy! Then we headed out to St. John’s Town Center. That place was amazing! Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, the biggest Forever 21 I have ever seen! I loved it, got a few things, then we took Taylor home and Jenny and I headed home.

It was so nice to see Taylor and all of her sweet family. Jack, D’avieon, Mrs.Krista, Mr.John, the foster kids, oh what a wonderful time. I simply cannot wait for our next trip over there hopefully this time with more friends accompanying us!

Title Lyrics: Won’t Go Home Without You – Maroon 5 



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