So wake the regiment. We’re marching on tonight. This is what we live for, this is what we live for.

Hi hey hello!

My little hiatus was wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating, and has also left me raring to get back into blogging. Let’s see, over the past few weeks, we celebrated New Years in Jacksonville, went to Rome, Georgia for our Winter Expedition, started up our last semester EVER of high school, spent time with friends, entered our last week of varsity soccer, and lived life to its fullest.

Since I already gave you guys the spiel on my friend and my trip to Jacksonville, I will start out with my school’s Winter Expedition. A little background on this trip, once every year, in January, what would be the first week back to school, my high school goes to another city, preferably one that is cold, and do leadership training, service, and have lots of time in worship. This year we went to Rome, Georgia, specifically Berry College. We went through the Winshape Wilderness Program. We completed low and high ropes courses, had a trek through the beautiful campus of Berry, did some service at a local park and homeless shelter, and spent the whole time worshipping God. It was truly a wonderful time, spent growing our relationships with each other and with God.

Sadly I do not have any pictures because I was unable to bring my camera with me, because I couldn’t bring an extra bag, which would have been my camera bag, but I am going to make sure that I bring it on the next trip we go on. I will go into a little more detail about our trip tomorrow, the specifics, like the ropes courses, tomorrow.

Title Lyrics: Wake the Regiment – The Wedding 

What did you all do for the first week back to regular life? Done with vacation?



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