Oh I just can’t wait to be king! No one saying do this, no one saying be there. No one saying stop that! No one saying see here! Free to run around all day! Free to do it all my way!

Hi hey hello,

As I mentioned Tuesday, the final day of our trip to Rome, Georgia, we went on what we call a trek. The trek was placed in the beautiful mountains of Berry College. We hiked over many mountains, more than I care to think about, I believe it was something around five mountains. It was incredibly difficult and strenuous, but so worth it when we got to the top. The view was majestic and unbelievably beautiful. These pictures hardly do the view justice, it was just simply indescribable. My awesome brother got some pictures of the view once we got to the top.

On this trek, we did some different things than we normally do on our treks. Normally we  rough it and use compasses and maps with a direction to go, but this time we used GPS to find our way. We also had an instructor from Winshape with us the whole time, which is really different for us. We are normally on our own with a student leader, who has gone through the Senior Leadership program, which I have talked about before. It was quite a different experience for me, being a senior leader, to not truly be the leader and not truly be responsible for the lives of these young men and women. It was enjoyable at the same time however because I could actually sit back and enjoy the trek.

Speaking of the instructors that we had in our groups, the guy that was with my group was AWESOME. His name was Isaac and he was super great. He was encouraging and motivating. He also was very good at what he did, he was very knowledgeable in the area. He definitely made the trek so much better. Okay, done gushing.

The trek was amazing!

Title Lyrics: Just Can’t Wait to be King – The Lion King

(Song lyric choice inspired by Kate!)

Do you guys go hiking? Do you like the outdoors? I LOVE the outdoors!



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