Te doy todo lo que soy! Toma, Tomalo Toma, Tomalo.

Hi hey hello,

I don’t know about you guys, but I simply adore the Spanish language. I love everything about it, the flow, the simplicity, the sound, ah I love it. I am in Spanish V in school, and I take the class first period. This means, that a. I am not awake until half way through the class b. my brain is in Spanish mode for most of the day. I have honestly almost asked my Calculus teacher if I could use the restroom in Spanish. I translate almost every thing I think into Spanish. Even today, while doing my quiet time, I was listening to Hillsong United Unidos Permanecemos and I began to write my notes in Spanish. Why yes, I am crazy.

Due to my complete obsession with this language, I have considered going into some field that involves it. I have considered minoring in Spanish or teaching English as a second language in a Spanish-speaking country. My love of this language has also gotten me excited for the mission trip to Panama that I am taking with my school. From what I have heard, those of us who are taking Spanish V will be the translators. Yeah, mind blown? Mine too… Well, I am off to go listen to more spanish worship music.

Title Lyrics: Tomalo – Hillsong United 

What is your favorite language? Why?



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