Cause we’re stirring up deep deep wells, we’re stirring up deep deep waters. We’re going to jump in the river, jump in and everybody singing now. Deep cries out to deep cries out to, deep cries out to deep cries out to. So we cry out to, we cry out to, you Jesus.

Hi hey hello,

So, over the past few months, I have really been trying to grow closer to God, and God has been drawing me in, little by little, but one thing I feel is lacking, is the show for that on my blog. I feel like if this blog is supposed to be about my life and what I think and feel, then God should most definitely be apart of that. I do not know how to describe why I haven’t included Him into this before, well I have just not as much as I should. God is supposed to be wrapped up in EVERYTHING I do, not just on Sundays and Wednesdays. He is supposed to be my everything, and when someone is your everything, you  cannot ever stop talking about that person.

Why is it that when we are in love with a human being, a person who sins, messes up, hurts us, lets us down, and cannot ever be what we need, we still are completely enraptured with them, when a PERFECT God loves us and will never let us down is there, and we ignore Him. We tell anyone who will listen about the person we love, but are scared to tell others about our faith. I want to be so in love with God that anyone who will listen is going to hear about Him, how loving, good, just, merciful, beautiful, and awe-inspiring He is.

So, all that to say, I want God to be in every part of my life, and that is something I want to work on, so here is one step, including Him in my blog, which happens to be a rather large part of my life. I am not saying that I will go crazy with it, and preach at everyone in every post, but I want God to be present. I know that some people reading may be turned off by this, they may not want to read this blog anymore, and that is okay with me, because I am doing what I feel I am supposed to do right now. I am not doing this for the attention, fame, or an audience, I am doing this because I love my God and I want everyone to know about it.

Title Lyrics: Deep Cries Out – Bethel Music 



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