Lord release the sound of Heaven. Let it rise in every nation. We will join the anthem singing, for your glory

Hi hey hello,

Recently, I have been reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. First off, if you want a great, challenging book, read this one. The basic idea of the book is, God loves us, like loves us with this crazy kind of love that we cannot even begin to imagine. Because of this, Chan calls believers to try to love God with this same love and because of that we should be listening to God and doing what He says, no matter how crazy it seems. We are supposed to love Him with a kind of love that doesn’t care about what happens to us physically, but is only concerned with doing the will of the loved.

Anyway, one of the last chapters is basically listing numerous different stories about modern day Christians who live out their faith both in America and around the world. I love reading stories about people who are living in modern day America, who are living out what God is telling them to do, in a country where we are surrounded by excess and frivolity. It convicts me that even in here, in America, where it is so countercultural to live in a manner in which we give more than we take, some people still live like that. They give just as much to people as they take for themselves. I love hearing stories about that.

If you want to read a book that will make you think about the way you live, one that will challenge you to rethink where you put your time and money, I suggest this book.

Title Lyrics: Be Lifted High – Bethel 

Some food for thought on this Monday morning!



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