Disney Expedition: Day Four

Hi hey hello,

No Friday Favorites this week, I wanted to finish up my recounting of our Disney Adventure. Friday Favorites will resume, however, next week!

Onto day four! On day four, we went to Magic Kingdom! Now, I know Magic Kingdom isn’t really for older kids, but it was so great to get to see Maddy, Diana, and all the kids light up when they saw all that was there. We went on Space Mountain and the kids simply loved it. I am convinced that by the time Maddy is old enough to ride them, we are going to have 7 roller coaster fanatics and my mom is just going to be sitting outside waiting on us to get done. Space Mountain is by no means the best ride ever, but to see Diana and Vlad’s faces when they got off was priceless.

The parade was awesome too. Maddy went with my dad and danced with all the characters. She got to see Mr.Incredible, Frozone, Chip and Dale, Mickey, Minnie, Jessie, Woody, she got to see them all. The only characters I didn’t see at all were the princesses. I guess they stayed in the castle for the day. We walked around the park for a while. We went of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. Funny story about the Haunted Mansion. While we were on it, it broke. Like legitimately broke. It stopped moving and the people running it came on over the PA system telling us to just hang out, they would have it running in a few minutes, which they did. It was funny though, better that ride than a roller coaster.

We went on the carousel. The girls loved it, Vlad avoided the camera at all costs. It was quite funny to see him slip off the back of the horse trying to dodge the camera. We ate at the cafeteria-like place there. I think it is called the Starlight Cafe, but I can’t remember. They seriously have the best bacon cheeseburgers ever and on top of that they have a toppings bar for burgers. Think sauteed mushrooms and onions. Holey moley, that was good. We walked around a little more, went on Splash Mountain, and then went and watched the fireworks.

They had the coolest thing ever during the fireworks show. Before it started, they had a projector on the castle and they had projections of all the characters on it. At one point they had some of the pictures that the Disney photographers had taken on it. At the end, all of the pictures were spilling out of the windows, like with the effects of the wind and everything. IT WAS SO AWESOME.

Anyway, onto the pictures:


Sorry about the mass number of pictures, I couldn’t decide. As some of you may remember from Fourth of July, I LOVE taking pictures of fireworks, so there are a ton of fireworks pictures in there too.

What is your favorite Disney character? Personally, I like Timon, Mulan, and a few others.



Oh. PS. It’s my birthday today… I am old… I turn 18 today!


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