Disney Expedition: Day Five

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I know I did, but more on that later. Today, I get to tell you guys about Day five!

On day five, we were leaving, so we packed up camp, got everything all cleaned up, checked out and headed out of the campground. We went to Animal Kingdom for the day, and though it was cold and windy, we had a blast! We went on the safari ride. The kids got to see all kinds of animals, from giraffes, to lions, to ostriches. They loved it! All of the kids, excluding Maddy of course, got to ride Expedition Everest. They LOVED that ride, they even stood patiently, for the most part, in the 45 minute wait. It was magnificent! We ate lunch and headed home shortly after this. We got home late that night, unpacked, and gratefully snuggled up into our beds. Now, picture time:



It was an amazing trip. I love Disney and that whole area so much! And though it was an awesome trip, I am very glad to be home.

What do you miss most when you go out of town?



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