Higher than the mountains that I face, stronger than the power of the grave, constant in the trial and the change. One thing remains…Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.

Hi hey hello,

As I was thinking and praying last night, I was once again reminded of how thankful I should be. I have read the quote many many times that says essentially, what if you woke up tomorrow and only had the things you thanked God for. This quote has, for some reason, stuck out in my head and kept me accountable in a way to thanking God for everything He has done for me and given to me. This got me thinking of other things I needed to be, things like humble, giving, fearless, kingdom-minded, unashamed, sincere, the list goes on. As I thought about these things, I quickly made a little sign thing that said simply “Be thankful.”
This was the springboard for the rest of the idea that I quickly whipped up last night. Basically all you need are a cork board, sharpie, and sticky notes. Up in the top left corner I wrote the word “Be” on a sticky note, then covered the rest of the board in words like joyful, thankful, giving, humble, merciful, and courageous. It now sits on my desk as a daily reminder of how I should be growing to be more like God.

Title Lyrics: One Thing Remains – Bethel Live

What do you guys think?




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