Who, oh Lord could save themselves. Their own soul could heal. Our shame was deeper than the sea. Your grace went deeper still.

Hi hey hello,

Last night at youth group, we sort of talked about some of the things we talked about at CRosSWilD. It was a low-key night because all of our worship leaders were sick. Our youth pastor chalked it up to “over-worshipping” at the retreat, as if that is possible. Anyway, one of the major things we talked about last night was being bold in what you are called to do, we were given some time to pray, and it kind of struck me. I am not really doing what I thought I was being called to do right now.

I feel like I am. I do little things here and there that could be construed as obedience to God’s call on my life, but I know my heart. At this point I just do those things to chill out my conscience. I want to do it out of true obedience to God, not because I will feel bad if I don’t do it. I want boldness to step up and do what I am called to do, even if it is a little awkward. I should be thankful for this incredible blessing that I have and therefore, I should want to share it with EVERYONE. Instead, I am complacent in my life right now. I am comfortable. I want to be uncomfortable. I want to step out there. I am just scared to.

Prayers would be much appreciated as I begin to push my boundaries a little.

Do you feel called by God to do something? If so, are are being obedient?

Title Lyrics: You Alone Can Rescue – Matt Redman 


PS. Happy March!


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