For the honor of the Savior, let the cross be lifted high. The great exchange of love and grace. Came down to give us life. For the honor of the Spirit, whose power lives in us. That we might see much greater things, as we embrace Your love.

Hi hey hello,

Terribly sorry for the lack of postage for the past three days. I had a special trip with my school. We went on what we call “Vision Quest.” The premise of the trip is to get away from all the hectic-ness of life and seek God, specifically His will for our lives, in the wilderness, alone. Much of the time is spent in Silence and Solitude, or SilSol, as we call it. The juniors and seniors at my school participate in it. We hike out deep into the wilderness(okay not really, it is like two-ish miles into the woods) and camp out for a few days. The seniors do it by themselves, while the juniors are in groups.

Being a senior, I camped alone, or mostly alone. I have never camped out in the woods like that by myself. It was a very nerve-racking experience. The noises of the night are terrifying, especially when a bear was spotted right in the area where I was camping the previous year. I am convinced there was an armadillo circling my tent the second night. I would have pictures, but we were not allowed to bring electronics, and there really wasn’t anything to take pictures of.

Title Lyrics: For The Honor – Elevation Worship

How did you spend your weekend? Are you a fan of camping? Why or why not?


PS. I love pineapple.


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