More than just a song to sing. More than words or offerings. We need your presence more than anything. You’re all that we want. You’re all that we need.

Hi hey hello,

Last night at youth group, we had a small crowd. As many people were out of town for Spring Break, the group was small and intimate. We had a special treat, a really awesome worship leader led us in worship. His name is Jordan Colle. He has led worship for us before, but he hasn’t for some time, so it was exciting to have him back.

At the end of the service, right before we sang the last song, Jordan said something that struck me. He said ” There is never an excuse to say we don’t have compassion. God is always in us.” The message last night was great and everything, but that was what I really took away from the teaching. We were talking about compassion, how we are supposed to have it for everyone, no matter what they have done to us. It was one of those, yeah I know that, moving on, kind of things. Then what Jordan said struck me. It is so true. I say all the time that I just don’t like love for people or a heart for service, but really, I do. God lives inside of me. He is LOVE, He is SERVICE. If He is in me, then I do have love and a serving heart, because God is working in me.

That is both terribly challenging and incredibly encouraging.

Title Lyrics: Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is – Chris Tomlin

What do you all think about that? Does that strike you at all?



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