Consume todo mi interior, Dios. Justicia y amor me abrazan, Señor, Te amo desde mi interior.

Hi hey hello,

I know I have mentioned this more than my fair share of times, but I am leaving Monday for my mission trip to Panama. This is such a surreal experience. I am leaving in t-minus 7 days, leaving the country, getting on a plane and flying to Panama. With the trip so close, you would think that I would be welling up with excitement, but much to my dismay, I am not as excited as I thought I would be. At this point I figured I would be unable to contain my utter joy that I was leaving so soon, but I am not.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited, but right now, I am caught up with all the details. I am helping plan the VBS for the kids we help work with and right now, it seems like I have so much to do. It may not seem like I have to do a lot, but I also may be translating for a few people giving their testimonies on top of translating in general, and I am getting a mite overwhelmed. I am trying to focus on my spiritual preparations, but I just cannot narrow my scope. I know that once I get there things will fall into place, and so I really just want to push things out of the way and prepare my heart, but it is rather difficult.

Title Lyrics: Desde Mi Interior – Hillsong United 

Any ideas for clearing your mind? What do you guys do?



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