Making martyrs of mothers and all in the name of what’s right. Tell me oh brothers, when did we gain such insight.

Hi hey hello,

Last night I went to a house show at a good friend’s house. The Icarus Account and a few other people played. I love doing things like this with local bands. A few weeks ago, I attended another house show at my friend Emily’s house. It is so cool to see how talented musically so many of my friends are. There is a lot of talent here in Tallahassee. So many of my friends are able to do so much more musically than I ever would have imagined.

My brother is a prime example. If you looked at him you probably wouldn’t think musician, and he is a pretty skilled guitarist. He also can pick up other instruments quickly as well. I wish I was more musically talented. I can sing pretty well, I can play a few chords on the guitar, a little here and there on the bass guitar, I have some rhythm, but no real skill on an instrument.

I have another friend, Karen, who is in the band Tourist. They are a local band with all kinds of talent. I highly suggest listening to their music or seeing them live if you get a chance.

Title Lyrics: Blood on Our Hands – Tourist

Do any of you play an instrument? Are you involved in the local music scene in your town?



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