You give beauty for our ashes and a hope that’s everlasting. The past has been redeemed. Now forever we will sing.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had an absolutely fabulous weekend! I know I did! It started out with Inside Out rehearsal. I am so pumped about it this weekend! The RISE band is playing and that is a amazing group of people. Later Friday night, I went to the Spring Carnaval at my school. SO MUCH FUN! Some of the high school students stayed late (read super late… left at 11:30) and played dodgeball and scatterball. I ❤ scatterball so much. That is another amazing group of people. I love those guys.

Saturday was spent finishing one of my FLVS courses. AP Macroeconomics to the ground! Owned it. After I finished some other work, I got busy preparing my graduation announcements. I know I have said this like so many times, but this just brought about a resurgence of excitement/anticipation/anxiousness about that fact that in a month, I will be graduating. I cleaned my room and rearranged some stuff and generally spent the day doing nothing of serious importance.

Sunday was filled with church and family fun! Some of the guys from the RISE band led worship at church. Seriously love those guys, so much talent. Ray spoke today and God really moved powerfully through his words and through the worship. I love seeing my church in completely unashamed worship. After church we ran some errands and went to lunch. We had Chipotle. I LOVE Chipotle. So much. The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing and generally enjoying life.

Title Lyrics: All Things New – Brett Younker

Are you going to Inside Out? If not, go check out . Go do it. Now.

– LC


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