The rhythm of town, starts calling me down. It’s like a message from high above. Oh, oh, oh Pulling me out, to the smiles and the streets that I love. Good morning Baltimore.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had a spectacular weekend! Mine was spent singing in the spring concert, staying up late watching Hairspray with friends, lounging all day on the couch with Maddy, doing tons of homework, celebrating how awesome my Mom is with Chipotle, yum! It was overall a pretty good weekend. I was sorta sick through most of it, but apparently all I needed was some sleep because I feel loads better today!

Our final concert, the spring concert was Friday. It went so well! It only reinforced my thoughts that my school is full of so many unbelievably talented people. The dancers, singers, band members, and actors, all of them are so unbelievably talented. I LOVE IT! It was such a blessing to be able to participate in the senior song. Five of us got together and sang “Here Comes the Sun.” It came together in a way we could not even have imagined, with our limited practice time. Thank you guys so much for making it an awesome experience!

So close to the end of the year!

Title Lyrics: Good Morning Baltimore – Hairspray



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