The boys who kiss and bite, They are the brilliant ones who speak and write with silver luck… They sing in clever tongues, Oh how my knees go weak to be the one.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had a spectacular weekend! Mine was pretty wonderful, Friday I spent babysitting. Saturday I spent the morning lounging around watching the England vs. Sweden match, then met up with Kate for lunch and some much needed girl time! We sat in Newk’s for probably four hours just catching up. It was so nice to get to spend that time with her. After lunch, I headed home, but before I got home, I stopped in a garden. At said garden there were the normal sorts of veggies, but then I saw… SUNFLOWERS. If you follow my flickr, you’ve already seen these, but for those who don’t… Behold their sheer beauty!

On Sunday, Father’s Day, we went to church, ate lunch at my dad’s restaurant of choice, which happened to be Chipotle. To say we enjoy that restaurant would be an understatement. We then went to Costco for some things, we ended up picking up a bag of dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. Oh my goodness. So unbelievably delicious! We went out to Monticello to pick up a watermelon, to visit my late grandfather’s house and to visit his grave. It was quite a nice afternoon. We then went home and relaxed arounfd the house, I watched the end of the Portugal v Netherlands match, took a nap, and caught up on some blog reading!

What did you all do this weekend? Do you like sunflowers? Have you been watching Euro 2012?

Title Lyrics: The Boys Are Too Refined – The Hush Sound 


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