Lie down with dogs, and you wake up with a raise and a promotion.

Hi hey hello,

I don’t know about any of you, but since summer began, and I know, I know, not officially, but since school ended, I haven’t been to the beach. I love the beach. Like, I love it, there are things I dislike about it, the sand in all the wrong places, sunburn, nasty hair, but I just love the smell, the beauty, the sea life. Oh I just love it. That is one thing about living in Tallahassee that sort of sucks. We are in Florida, but we are about 1 1/2 hours away from a nice beach, and that if if you drive fast.

At orientation last week, I talked to lots of people who are not from Tallahassee. They asked me what there is to do here. I didn’t really have a response. To people coming from places like, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Tallahassee is boring. Okay, to people who live here, it’s still not the most fun place on the planet. There is stuff to do, if you are creative, but other than movies, the mall, and downtown, there is not much to do here. I hated breaking to these people who are used to living 15 minutes from a beach that it was quite a trip to get to a decent beach. Everyone assumes that because you live in Florida, you live close to the beach and you spend every free moment there.


All that to say, I want to go to the beach. The next family trip we are planning, however is to Wild Adventures, which I am pretty pumped about, because though it isn’t anything close to Disney or Six Flags, it is still pretty awesome and it is only like 45 minutes away. Oh beach, we will be reunited soon!

Do you like the beach? What do you love about your city?

Title Lyrics: Watch What Happens: Newsies: Original Broadway Cast 



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