Climbing trees like we did when we were children. Scaling walls; the walls that took us years to build.

Hi hey hello,

On Monday, we spent the day relaxing at the house and hanging out poolside. We seem to be doing that a lot since my mom’s surgery… I really need to get out more. The last time I went out to go see someone was Saturday, and all we did was have lunch. Anyway, I did get some nice pictures out of the deal.

We came in and did some more relaxing. Then we sat down and had jambalaya for dinner, yum! After dinner I decided to go out and take some pictures of the train tracks just down the road from my house. As this post is already a little picture heavy, I’ll save those for another day. (:

Do you prefer to be busy or have nothing to do? I prefer a balance of the two, a little more busy time than nothing to do time.

Title Lyrics: Trees – The Oh Hellos 


After we hung out in the pool, we went inside, relaxed for a while longer. We had some jambalaya for dinner and did some more relaxing. I decided to take my bike out and go to the train tracks right down the road. I have been wanting to take some pictures out there for a while, so here they are!

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