Your childhood home is just powder-white bones. And you’ll never find your way back.

Hi hey hello,

Sorry about the absolute lameness of Tuesday’s post and the lack on one on Monday… Honestly, Monday, the blog completely slipped my mind, and Tuesday, I was really wanting to get back to watching Doctor Who, as I was at the end of season four and itching to see what happened. Yeah… I know I started watching Doctor Who like a little over a week ago and I am already almost half way through season five. I am that annoying person that gets mega obsessed with something. Like you know that one song that I love, yeah, I will play it over and over and over… everyday… all day…anywhere… So, yeah, easily obsessive.

Anyway, I have been on a major baking binge. I made an absolutely amazing red velvet marble cake yesterday. It was delicious, topped with cream cheese frosting. SO WONDERFUL!


Sorry for the cruddy pictures. Anyway, it was sooo yummy! It is legitmately half way gone at this point. It is really that good, and I have big of a family.

I also made another batch of red velvet cookies, because they are just that good, and because I am gonna make a super cool treat for the 4th.

More on that special treat that will hopefully be completed later today, tomorrow. I say hopefully because I am heading down to Gretna, FL for some service time, at Love At Work. This is legitimately one of the best camps ever. Basically, you go spend a week in Gretna and fix the houses of people who cannot do it themselves. It is SO AWESOME. I love it. I was sick for the first two days, so sadly I couldn’t go for the whole week this year. :/ bummer! I get to go for one day with my best friend though, which is totally awesome!

Anyway, I am off to go serve and all that jazz. Do you guys have anything like this is your areas?

Title Lyrics: That’s Okay – The Hush Sound




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