And he likes the taste of blood, and he loves the way you love. And that’s just what he wants from you

Hi hey hello,

So much silence recently… You’d think I was busy or something… Except I am not… For about 90% of the time I am sitting around doing NOTHING. You’d think I could take some time to blog about my life… but no. Not only do I fail at blogging, but I fail at life as well… I decided yesterday evening, after Maddy’s birthday dinner, that I needed to switch up how my room looked. I got it all done and it looks cool and what not, but it hit me… at 10:15… that the season premiere of White Collar started at 9. If you know me at all, you know White Collar is like my favorite show… EVER. It even surpasses Doctor Who. I have been waiting for this season for MONTHS, and I missed it because I was being stupid… GAH!

Anyway, that is my life as of late. I went to Love At Work last week for a few days, I read a few books. Speaking of which, if you like Hunger Games, your next read should be Divergent. It seriously is so awesome! I read the first book in probably 2 days. It was wonderful and it is a trilogy! I’m about halfway through the second one. LOVE! Maddy’s birthday was yesterday. She turned THREE. Woah. It seems like just yesterday that she was learning to walk, talk, do things by herself. She can swim in the pool (with water wings of course). She dresses herself. She can entertain herself. She can work an iPhone better than most adults. It blows my mind!

Anyway, how have you guys been recently? Do you like White Collar? I swear if any of you mention what happens in the season premiere, I will delete your comment. Have you read Divergent?

Title Lyrics: Hospital Bed Crawl – The Hush Sound 


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