There is no power in hell or any who can stand before the power and the presence of the Great I AM.

Hi hey hello,

Last night at church we talked about a variety of things. There was one thing my pastor said that really stuck out to me though. He told a story about how his father wasn’t there for much of his childhood and then died when he was very young. But, before he died, he bought a bible and marked it up for his son. He gave it to him before he died and my pastor has been able to pull it out and is gaining so much insight from it.

HeĀ correlated that to how our Heavenly Father wrote a book for us, the Bible, but we do not take full advantage of it. God gave us the Bible to instruct us on how we are to live our lives, and yet, many Christians nowadays have not even read all the way through it. I am guilty of that, but I am working on it! I’m over halfway through a read through! Anyway, he said that we have this Bible, that lays out how we are supposed to live for God, and yet sometimes we act as if God has left us out to dry, with no help. Not only did He give us an instruction manuel of sorts, but He also gave us the Holy Spirit, to help us in daily life!

Have you spent time in the Word today? Do you plan to? Is that something you regularly do?

Title Lyrics: The Great I AM – New Life Worship


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