Rain falls, quickly wetting my hair and clothes My cries fall upon her deaf ears more tears

Hi hey hello,

No Friday Favorites! today because honestly, I haven’t been super inspired by much this week. It will be back up next with if all goes as planned!

Anyway, this week has been a weird one. It literally has consisted of almost the same thing everyday. I wake up around 9:15, eat breakfast, do my quiet time, work out, take a shower, eat lunch, go to the shop, go home, eat dinner, veg, watch Doctor Who, go to bed. With the exception of tutoring my cousin on Monday and Thursday, it is stayed pretty routine.

I like routines. One of my favorite parts about going to school was knowing that it would be just about the same everyday. I knew what to expect and what was going to happen. During summer, there isn’t a schedule, for the most part, and usually I just spend my time lazing around, which gets super boring. I am glad that I finally am trying to kick that habit, and at least do something for a little part of my day. The one thing I miss about school, besides the routine, seeing my closest friends everyday. I haven’t seen many of them in FOREVER. I kinda sorta serious miss them. I want to have a movie night or something to get us all back together! (Jenny!!! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Are you into routines or do you prefer the unorganized way?

Title Lyrics: Sweet Tangerine



3 thoughts on “Rain falls, quickly wetting my hair and clothes My cries fall upon her deaf ears more tears

  1. tlbump says:

    Bahaha. I can’t tell if you’re saying you want to hang out with Jenny or suggesting she plan a movie night, the latter makes me chuckle.

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