Every distant and broken heart. Every prayer every outstretched arm. Finding hope in the love of the Father.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had a fantastic week! I sure did! I went to the beach on Tuesday and there was no wifi, the only chance I would have had to get a post up would have been via my phone, which I don’t like using, or at the church. I was too busy at the church worshipping God, socializing, and serving people to type up a post, sorry guys.

Anyway, I had a fantastic time, but due to a. my suckishness of a photographer and b. the lack of light, I don’t have many pictures to show for it. We went to the beach on Tuesday and hung out at the house for most of the day. Wednesday we walked on the beach a bit and then went to Carrabelle for a while to check stuff out. We found the cutest ice cream place EVER and Cassidy got the most adorable dress. Then we went up to the church in Wakulla and served food. Thursday, we didn’t spend much time on the beach at all, just hung out and then went to St George, where it was rainy and nasty. We walked around and looked in all the neat little stores, then went back and went to the church for Bible study and Unite Wakulla practice. So awesome!

Friday, we packed up and headed home, only to rush back to Wakulla to get there in time for Unite Wakulla. That event was so amazing. The worship was great, shout out to the band. You guys were great, all of you! The teaching was absolutely amazing. Josh Hawkins taught and I have literally never heard such an amazing presentation of the gospel. Those Wakulla youth kids sure do have themselves a good youth pastor! It was amazing to see what God is doing in Wakulla.

I went to Brian’s house Friday night and stayed there that night, got up early and left for Wild Adventures. My family camped for a few days up there and went to Wild Adventures Saturday and Sunday. It was so much fun! I love that we have something like that so close. I love the roller coasters and everything! Maddy went on a roller coaster and LOVED IT! Like I wanna ride it three times in a row and then am going to fuss when Liz doesn’t want to do it anymore. She went on a ride called Frog Hopper, which is like Double Shot and Tower of Terror, but mini. She also loved that one. It was fantastic, but tiring. We headed home and rested up.

Since I suck at picture taking, here is a picture of Maddy, Luke, and me:
I know I know, you can’t handle all the cuteness in this picture. What can I say, my family is H-O-T.

Title Lyrics: Out God is Love – Hillsong 


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