The taste of her breath, I’ll never get over. And the noises that she made kept me awake. The weight of the things that remain unspoken, built up so much it crushed us everyday.

Hi hey hello,

Sorry the blog has been so silent for… 3 weeks… I wish I had some excuse, but I really don’t, I am just incredibly lazy and I would rather stay up until 2 am watching Burn Notice/Lost than write up a post. I know… I suck.

Anywho. Let’s see past three weeks summed up… CRosSWILD, church events, doctor’s appointments, lazying around, spending time with friends, friends LEAVING FOR COLLEGE, friend getting MARRIED… Yeah, I think that sums it up.

I feel so old at this moment, I have many friends leaving for college this week, many of my closest friends. I have a friend who is only a year older than me who got married!!! I have known her for what feels like forever, and she got married! I just feel like a lot in my life right now is transitioning into adulthood, I go to appointments, set things up, fill out forms, and do all that on my own. So many of the things my parents used to do for me, I am now doing. I haven’t even started college yet, and I already feel like an adult. It’s a rather strange phenomenon. Even my dress has changed. I feel like I have started dressing more like an adult than before. It’s  BLOWING MY MIND. Pardon my child moment there.

For those of you incoming freshmen out there, what’s going through your head? For those not freshmen, what went through your head when you were a freshmen?

Title Lyrics: Won’t Go Home Without You – Maroon 5 



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