You mend my life with Your holy fire. You cover me with grace. You are the hand that reaches out to save!

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all have had a wonderful week so far!

These past few weeks have been a real growing up experience for me. My friends have moved away, off to college. I’m starting college in a few days. I do pretty much everything on my own. I drove to freaking Ft Lauderdale and back. That’s seven hours… one way people! Never done that one before. I’ve stayed in a hotel room without an “adult.” So many things are changing in my life.

One thing I am really learning right now is to trust God, especially in this last week. For those that know me this isn’t news, but I am sorta a control freak. I would rather do everything myself. Having anyone drive my car drives me nuts. I would rather do something, and know I’ll do it the way I want it, than have someone else (who is probably equally qualified) do it for me. Anyway, one thing I have learned is that I am not in control. This whole weekend, with all the roadblocks that came up left me completely frazzled. I couldn’t even think properly. I know that we couldn’t have done ANYTHING that happened this weekend without God. How else could you explain $2200 in two days, or a place for us to sleep, or the ability to drive down there, or the exact amount of money we needed for gas? It could only be God.

I am learning to relinquish some of my treasured control. Thank the Lord that the One who is in control is so much better and more qualified than I am. He has so much more perspective than I have.

Title Lyrics: I Am Set Free- All Sons and Daughters 

What are you learning right now?



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